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INTRABILIS embeds years of experience in development of innovative and highly adaptable software solutions specifically designed for running and operating smaller enterprises and crafts, as well as all wide-use software solutions designed on client or company request.  Our software is designed to be fully personalized to fit both your business requirements and personal use, and is sustainable to even more customization upon client request.

We offer broad spectrum IT solutions amongst which are business process management software and data processing, sorting and archiving solutions.

We offer software development from initial specification all the way to final testing, quality control and user training.

Our range of IT services includes web-development, multimedia content creation; idea, design, server deployment, upgrade and maintenance, e-commerce B2C and B2B solutions and online commerce.

We design and maintain IT systems and also offer brand name hardware components and systems under wholesale terms and prices.

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INTRAbiz is a comprehensive software solution designed for running and operating company-level enterprises and crafts. INTRAbiz contains all the necessities to organize, run and overview all your business transactions and processes. Easily customizable upon client request, INTRAbiz will speed up running of your business…

  • Business management
  • Financial transactions overview
  • Customisable to suit client needs


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INTRAdoc is a software solution designed to transfer all written, printed and other paper documents into digitalised form of your choice. INTRAdoc digitally stores, processes, organises and manages your documents and archives. All your paper archives could be only a mouse-click away.

  • Archives digitisation
  • Data protection
  • User-friendly interface


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INTRAwork is a software designed for creating and managing your work log time. INTRAwork contains everyting you’ll be needing to keep track of your work log times; you can add, manage and keep track of all your done work, clients, work specification, work lenght, billing hours…

  • Work log time schedule
  • Client and user ID sorting and classification
  • Spreadsheet data print


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INTRAplan is a software solution designed for media broadcasters. INTRAplan is used for coordinating, classifying, editing and completely managing any kind of promo, commercial or other aired media library and content, and it also contains billing and invoicing modules.

  • Aired media content planing
  • Media content schedule, classification and billing
  • Editing and airing of the media

INTRABILIS offers software deployment and IT support ranging from initial software specification all the way to final testing, quality check and user training. Amongst our software solutions are INTRABIZ –  business, enterprise and crafts management software, INTRAdoc – data processing, sorting and digital archiving software and INTRAplan – media stations content and adwertising management software, as well other broad specter software solutions designed on client or company request.

INTRABILIS offers a full digital archiving solution and complete service in digitalizing all paper documents and materials. In our multi-year experience we’ve digitally processed more than 500.000 pages of various documents and paper materials for our clients, making the documents available for them at any time, on demand and as accessible as clicking a mouse.

Among our IT services is a website creation and development, as well as website hosting. We develop websites for both business and personal use, while offering, in cooperation with our business partners, large-scale development of complex multi-purpose websites and contents for bigger business clients.

Whether it is to promote your business or product, INTRABILIS offers a complete service of creating and managing multimedial promo content. We offer full service from multimedial content creation to it’s broadcasting, whether it’s broadcast platform is social networking or any other mean of media broadcast.

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