Business and enterprise managing software solution


INTRAbiz is a software solution designed for managing your business, enterprise or crafts, and was first of it’s kind (Byte, 1994. ) in Croatia based on Windows operative systems.

Our clients today use third instance of INTRAbiz developed with Delphi 2007 Professional, using Interbase/Firebird as data bases.

INTRAbiz is highly adaptable in it’s use, especially in the part which manages client’s financial part of business. The software is not dependable on the certain type of chart of accounts, with it’s default one being RRIF chart of account. Every user is permitted to enter an arbitrary chart of account and with our ever present assistance, set up it’s company business suiting any given parameters.

Special attention is devoted to data duplicating exclusion, with all data being in it’s unique databases from which all the reports get extracted. If the wanted report by user isn’t among the ones generated from the database, and additional possibility of export to an MS Excel and further data processing according to user demand is possible.

The software grows as your needs do…

While using INTRAbiz the user gets it’s full functionality and capability, but is also entitled to specify any other business requirement which can be implemented into the software accordingly. Our software have grown that way from the beginning and is now a combination of our users experience and business needs.

Whether you’re starting your new business or you already have a well-run one, feel free to contact us and arrange our software solution presentation.

If you already do have a business management software and you’re missing a certain segment we can offer, also feel free to contact us and rely on our experience to implement any needed addition.


Business managments solution

Financial business management

•balances – chart of accounts of buyers and suppliers
•main balance book
•accounting entry diary
•interest calcutation
•cash registry operating
•travel order warrant
•banking book

Commodities management

•products and services management
•delivery notes
•invoices and billing
•entry calculations
•price change logs
•commodity cards
•commodity and servies traffic

Business management software

Business managment software

Financial business management for crafts

•Invoice and document booking
•cash registry operating
•general ledger
•travel warrants


•personal incomes accounting (gross/net)
•author fees accounting

Business management software

Included with everything stated above are also various common business components like address book, chart of accounts, worker databases…

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