Software solution for archive digitization


INTRAdoc is a software solution from INTRABILIS which allows complete digitization of various kinds of written or printed documents. INTRAdoc is designed to digitally archive, process, organize and manage your document archive. Every document processed with INTRAdoc is accessible with a mouse-click, in perfect condition, protected from all flaws of classic document storage and archiving. INTRAdoc provides your archives at the reach of your hand and always ready to be searched or viewed.

Advantages of digitized archives over classic paper archives are vast – digitized archive requires no storage space, it is’t subject to time-related decay nor atmospheric conditions, it doesn’t not need complicated manual browsing in search for a specific document, and it stays forever in it’s original format, retaining it’s original document quality.

INTRABILIS offers a complete document digitization service, project design & implementation and well as both hardware and software support. Trained and experienced staff is also provided upon request to assist, supervise or run the digitization process.

INTRAdoc is also highly customizable to suit clients needs.

Transfer your archives from shelves to your computed with INTRAdoc!

Document digitisation

Document digitisation

• digital storage, processing and document managment

• detailed organisation of all your digitised archives

• digitised archives are easily accessible on all devices (PC, smartphone, tablet, laptop…)

Protecting your written document archives

• protects your important documents from decay

• digitisation allows large quantities of written archives to be store

• digitised documents can be sorted by assigned categories or attributes

• digitised archive is easily searchable by either category or various attirbutes

Document digitisation

Document digitisation

Your digitised archives are available with a mouse-click

• digitised archives are eprotable and easily transferable

• no storage space required

• digitised documents can be of various size, type or paper material

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