Software solution for managing work log times


INTRAwork is specifically designed for work log times tracking, managing and classification. INTRAwork is a software solution designed to manage and keep track of work log times. It’s is an intuitive and easy to use software which enables the client to have an overview of all the work log times and types with a simple mouse-click. In contains various functions which enable the user to filter, edit and print all done work log.

In INTRAwork, a user can assign and given work log to any given client, business or project, and keep track of all service done for the client. User can print or export in various formats all the work log directly from the software itself. Searching and filtering inside all the work log record is simplified using keywords which help finding the desired work log quickly.

INTRAwork is designed for multi-user usage. Every user is given it’s own ID and can input, edit and arrange it’s own projects, clients and work logs. User settings creation and user setting in general is easy and simple.

Software za vođenje satnice rada

  • Detailed work log organisation, client overview, project overview, services overview…
  • Work logs filtering, sorting and search, all available based on work logs, projects, clients, user…

Software za vođenje satnice rada

Software za vođenje satnice rada

  • Multi-user designed. Each user with a separate ID for own personal project, client and services input 

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